Unusual look #1


Hey beauties,
Since the first post of the day was a presentation i decided to give you a look .... 
I tried some things i don't usualy use such as glitter and red lipstick..
I haven't planed the look it just happened and i liked it at the end... 

 (close up/my skin is not perfect i know)

First of all, the eye look is different in 2 ways, i don't wear full eyeliner i just did the wing at the end and 2 little points in the inner corner , i don't use black eyeliner in the waterline.. My eyebrows are a bit messy but i liked the way it turned.. this isn't a look to wear on a daily basis but i would (without the falling glitter)... why not?  
(yes i'm a bit hairy, don't mind it)

As i said before it was an experience so it turned like this, of course it could be better or worse it only deppends on the taste of every person who tries to wear it ;)

On the eyelid i have a burgundy color and on top of it i have a shimery gold ... at the crease and blended up i have a dark plum with red glitter.. in the water line i have a nude eyeliner and in the lash line i have the burgundy color i used before :) i completed the look by adding some lavander glitter.

Moving on to the lips : Red Lipstick by Essence no 03 
I never though in a million years i would wear a red lipstick and to be honest i still don't.. i just have it for tutorials... maybe one day i'll have the courage to wear it on a daily basis ;)

It's a red lipstick and i loved it, it seems brighter on camera than it really is ...
In the first photo it shows up more closely to the reality . 
So thats it ;) Hope you like it.. anything you wanna know ask in the comments below .

Thanks for reading, 


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