The Backup Stash!


How many of us carry on buying the last new thing but get home and realises there's only so many concealers that should be opened at the same time?! That's me, or it was for a while, until I realised I don't need to buy more and more makeup unless it's used up, expired or doesn't work out for me.
I would like to tell you my back up stash is this size, but I'm afraid it's three times as big and mainly filled with mascaras.
These are some of the products I'm most excited to try, but being honest that Vichy foundation has been there for a year now and I guess I should just start using it before it reaches expiration date! 

I was meant to do a sort of guide through these products and tell you why I can't wait to use them but I realised it is more helpful to give you a piece of advice about the situation itself instead.
I used to be that girl that falls into the hype, and still am sometimes and not any bit proud of that. But I came to conclusion that buying more and more makeup that will sit in a drawer, never be used up or simply expire when you only used it 3x is a waste. A waste of money, energy, product... There's a million reasons why we shouldn't hoard stuff in general, it's not healthy to live knowing I have so many things that I don't use or barely touch and still have the feeling that I need that last highlighter on the market 'cause obviously they're all different... but here's the truth: they're not! They won't overcome any frustration or help you in the hard times, you're better off left exploring yourself, doing things instead of buying things. Go for a walk with friends, draw something new, learn how to play an instrument, read a million books in a set amount of time, learn a new language or simply use the stuff you already have before it's too late.  

This applies to everything in life, so lets get our sh*t together, unsubscribe to the online newsletters that always tempt us with the new trend and be a conscious buyer! Free the space by donating things we don't ever use and only own what makes us happy. And if that's 500 highlighters, so it be. But remember, you won't be able to give all your love and attention to 1000s of products you own. 

On the other side of things, as a make-up artist and freelancer there's certain amount of things that I don't use personally but need to keep for my kit so that's the only valid excuse to keep foundations that don't suit me or lipsticks that I would never wear, eventually I will need them for someone else. This applies to the things related to your job. If blogging is one, you need to keep props for your photography that eventually don't have any other function apart from that one but is valid and reasonable to keep them around. 

Hopefully this post helped you somehow realise you're not alone when it takes to hoarding things you don't need but also you're not alone trying to change that. 
I believe you can do it, and so can I. 
Share your hoarding habits and your techniques to overcome them on a post or comment down below!

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