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It turns out I've been away for longer than expected. Which is good in a way as it let me enough time to realise that more than anything, I just started this place as a diary type of thing, registering creative moments and knowledge that I get here and there on my day to day life - other than making this a second job!

Didn't change my current job, just got a promotion and being a perfectionist and workaholic as I am it gets hard to manage enough time to do things for myself, and in a way, disconnect from work. A goal to achieve somehow in the close future. While that happens, I'll be coming now and then with something, hopefully exciting, for you. 

Inspired by Vanessa Davis on instagram - the skull queen - I came out with this look. Hopefully somehow interesting in its own way!

I pretty much used my Urban Decay Electric Palette for all the colour work and a NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Violet. The sequins I got from Paperchase.

Hopefully I'll be back soon, until then...

Create and inspire!

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