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Brand focus is not something I do often but I certainly like to read a lot. It shows you a collection of products from a specific brand that the writer owns but also tells you which ones worked and which didn't to the person perspective, at the end you end up knowing a lot more and if the brand is for you. 

This time around I decided I have quite a few products from Nars that I've been using a lot recently and deserve a spotlight, but also, I own a few that left me very disappointed. 
Starting with my least favourites, I have to mention the Sarah Moon Give In Take Dual Intensity Eye & Cheek Palette (45£) that unfortunately didn't work for me. It has beautiful shades but only if you wear a lot of cool toned shadows, and we all know I'm one for warmer looks! Also the dual intensity formula is not my favourite, I feel like it only works when wet and for Nars price tag it should be a different story. I will keep using it but is not one in my recommendation list.
Orgasm is iconic but honestly I can't see why. It's packed with gold glitter and is a rather strong colour on the cheeks, I own it for my kit but personally don't see it looking flattering on my skin tone, I feel it emphasises the texture in it.
To finish the not so impressive products I need to mention the Velvet Matte Skin Tint Foundation (30£) I only used it twice and it was enough to leave me scared of using it more than that. It left my skin looking patchy and dry so is definitely not a foundation for those with dry complexion. However I recon it would help keep the oils at bay so if you have a rather oily face this may be the foundation to go for. I will give it a try during summer but for winter is a no-no!

Exciting is when we find more products we love rather the ones we don't! A surprising product to me was the Sheer Glow Foundation (32£), and even thou it has a huge hype all over the world I actually thought it wouldn't work out for me. I was wrong! It leaves my skin looking rather natural with a light/medium coverage, keeping it looking fresh but not oily the entire day. 
Another hype product is Laguna bronzer (29£) and I see why! It gives a natural radiance to the skin without looking too much too quickly and it stays put until you remove it! I definitely understand the excitement around it and recommend it to all light to medium skin tones! 
Apart from the Sarah Moon palette I only own one more eye product and that is a Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Via De' Martelli (19£) which is an amazing pencil that stays put on the waterline the entire day without smudging but also can be used as an eyeliner on top of the lash line! What I like the most about is the unique shade of brown! 
Lastly I have lipsticks to talk about and all 3 of these different formulas are amazing! I recon Nars as a brilliant brand for Lips and Face products more than anything else! The first lipstick I own is the Audacious Lipstick (25£) in Barbara! An everyday nude that will suit any light to medium skin tones! The creamy formula is easy to apply and doesn't move on the lips, the pigment is surreal and the shade range in general is amazing! 
On the Lip Pencil department I own two Satin Lip Pencils (20£) - Floralies (peach) Rikugien (pink)  - and one Matte Lip Pencil (20£) in Infatuated Red . Both formulas are great but being a matte lipstick lover like I definitely prefer the formula of it, the shade range is not as big as the Audacious Line but you will find something you love for sure! The fact it comes in a pencil format helps in the application and takes away the need of a lipliner. Both formulas last long on the lips and don't dry them out.  

Overall I like Nars and think they have great quality products, a few things disappointed me but in the end all brands have products we don't like. Next products on my list to try are the new Soft Matte Complete Concealer, Pore & Shine Control Primer and another shade of Blush that will suit me better than Orgasm! 

Share your Nars favourites and most disappoint products down below! 

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